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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sudge Monster Warning Reduced to Sludge Monster Watch

Looks as though the City of Toronto has managed to find enough alternative destinations for its sewer sludge to avoid disaster when the current dumping contract with Michigan expires at midnight tonight.

Of course, it's going to cost taxpayers a lot more, not all the paperwork is in place and - worst of all - the fundamental problem has not been addressed ... Toronto still does not have a viable, long-term plan for dealing with its one million plus tonnes of annual waste.

I'm going to leave my previous post up because the arguments and figures are still relevant. We can't keep stumbling from crisis to crisis like this, pulling our chestnuts out of the fire at the last minute.

Of course, that's assuming we actually have a solution this time around and don't have to dump our sludge into Lake Ontario instead.


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