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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not Goodbye, But My Last Entry

This is going to be my last entry on this blog, as today is my last day on the job at the Toronto Board of Trade.

First, I want to repeat my thanks to everyone who has posted here, called and written in to the Board, stopped me on the street, etc. to wish me well in the future. Toronto is a great place with a lot of wonderful people - you've certainly been warm and friendly to me!

Second, I want to repeat that I'm going to continue to have my home here and commuting back regularly to spend time with my family. I also have some charitable work and other projects that I'm going to continue working on in Toronto, so I'll be around quite a bit. Look for the HoopDome, a multi-court public basketball facility, to open next Spring at Downsview Park in the centre of Toronto.

Third, don't worry about the Board of Trade - we've been around for 161 years (since before Confederation) and survived two World Wars, blackouts, outbreaks, recessions, depressions and a hurricane. The Board will carry right on being the voice of our business community and the champion of a competitive and vibrant city. I know our COO, Grant Humes, is a perfect choice for Interim President while a permanent replacement is found.

Finally, there have been a lot of questions about this blog and if it will continue. I'm glad to say that the answer is 'yes' - not as MY blog, but as a Board of Trade blog that will continue to offer you information, opinions and ideas about what's happening in Toronto and the business community. We have some amazing people volunteering and working here who have a lot to say, and this will be their home.

The brand-new Board Blog will be up and running by Monday, October 16 and you will be able to reach it at We're going to leave this site up for a while so that regular visitors can catch this message.

So, that's it. Thanks again to the people of Toronto, and the volunteers and staff at the Board of Trade, for supporting me in my efforts to give something back to a great city that has given so much to me. I'll always be proud of the Board and our accomplishments, and always be proud of our city.

See you around, Toronto!


Anonymous Farhan Lalji said...

So Glen, will you continue blogging from a personal perspective?

10:42 a.m.  

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